En påminnelse från FDA som kanske kan var nyttig att ta till sig för den svenska medicinindustrin och den svenska vården.
Reminder from FDA: Cybersecurity for Networked Medical Devices is a Shared Responsibility.
FDA wants to emphasize the following:

* Medical device manufacturers and user facilities should work together to ensure that cybersecurity threats are addressed in a timely manner.
* The agency typically does not need to review or approve medical device software changes made for cybersecurity reasons.
* All software changes that address cybersecurity threats should be validated before installation to ensure they do not affect the safety and effectiveness of the medical devices.
Take Action

There are some simple ways to help to protect against cybersecurity threats like viruses and worms that affect medical devices:

* Prior to installing any computerized equipment involving medical devices, make sure that the equipment is virus free.
* Make sure that you have adequate anti-virus software and firewalls installed, properly set up and current.
* Update your operating system and medical device software. Software updates offer the latest protection against harmful activities.
* Validate all changes, updates, and patches, including operating systems, before installing them to ensure the safety and effectiveness of the medical devices.
* Purchasers and users of medical devices that may have a cybersecurity problem should contact the device manufacturer with their concerns.

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